enemii Wave / Freestyle Monocoque Alu Boom 145-205cm

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The enemii Wave / Freestyle Monocoque Alu Boom 145-205cm for Wave and Freestyle!
The boom has a new school outline and together with a grip diameter of 29mm, it offers an ergonomic and better holding position. Specially for Wave and Freestyle moves, it offers perfect handling!

With the durable and proven double - pin system, the boom can be easily adjusted in increments of 2cm from 145cm to 205cm. This covers a perfect range of wave and freestyle sails. In addition, the boom offers a stable and axially movable boom head.

We use high-quality 6061-T8 aluminum for our aluminum monocoque booms. Due to the monocoque construction, the booms are extremely rigid and durable.

Target Group:
Wave / Freestyle

Features: enemii Wave Monocoque Alu Boom 145-205cm

1. Outline for Wave and Freestlye
2. Adjustment each 2cm from 145 - 205cm
3. Durable monocoque construction with 29mm grip diameter
4. High-quality 6061-T8 Aluminium
5. Stable and axially movable boom head
6. Double pin system
7. Loop and hook function
8. Scale for harness lines
9. 30 days money back guarantee!
10. 24 month warranty !




Boom Version Scala Target group weight
145 - 205cm Monocoque 60cm / 2cm Wave / Freestyle 2,7kg