enemii SDM Carbon HD Extension

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The enemii Carbon SDM extension combines low weight and excellent stiffness! It is made of high quality carbon material and provides adjustment places every 2.5 cm and a well readable scale.

The enemii Carbon SDM extension is available with an adjustment range of 30 or 45cm. To avoid unnecessary exertion when trimming the sail, the extension includes dynamic rope guidance, light-resistance rolls, as well as the proven high-performance Marlow ropes.

Available as Pin version. Usable as a 0-base!

Features: Carbon enemii SDM extension

1. 100% carbon
2. adjustment places every 2.5 cm
3. reinforced wall thickness
4. compact base
5. weight: 390g = 30cm / 45cm = 440g
6. dynamic rope guidance
7. incl. high-end Marlow rope
8. 30 days return policy!
9. 24 month warranty!