enemii Neoprene Headband eco

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The enemii neoprene headband eco protects the ear against wind and cold water.

Like our other enemii neoprene products, the headband offers soft Black Mesh inner lining and on the outside sflex neoprene. For better orientation, the enemii neoprene headband eco has taped ear holes.


  • Features: enemii Neoprene Headband eco 3mm
    1. Black Mesh inner lining
    2. Eco friendly material
    3. sflex Neoprene
    4. double blind stitched and glued
    5. taped ear holes
    6. S / M and L / XL
    7. 30 days money back!


Material: 70% Neoprene 10% EVA 20% Nylon