enemii SUP Paddle Carbon pro 8.3”

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The enemii enemii SUP Carbon Paddle pro 8.3” offers performance and quality of the highest standard.

After more than a year of development, we are proud to present our High Performance Carbon SUP paddle.

By using high quality carbon fibres, we have achieved a low weight that is noticeable in the handling and responsiveness of every paddle stroke.

The paddle blade allows less turbulences through the dynamic flow angle and thus allows a faster pace and cleaner immersion and withdrawal of the SUP paddle. Another positive effect is the reduction of water turbulences during critical movements.

In order to offer the best ergonomics and to increase the durability, our enemii SUP Carbon Paddle pro 8.3” is offered only with an oval shaft. Testing results have shown this to be the best and most ergonomic solution. In addition, through the oval shaft it is possible to immediately find the correct position of the SUP paddle intuitively with each grip change.
The handle of our enemii SUP Carbon Paddle pro 8.3” is also ergonomically designed and suitable for all hand sizes.

Features: enemii SUP Carbon Paddle pro 8.3”

1. Made of 100% carbon
2. High Performance SUP paddle blade
3. oval carbon shaft
4. ergonomically shaped handle
5. Paddle blade: width 21,2cm / length 44cm
6. *Weight: 560g *
7. Length 215cm (can be shortened - see instructions)
8. included edge protection
9. included paddle blade pocket
10. 30 days return policy!
11. 24 month warranty!

*+/- 8%